Careers & Internships

Undergraduate Internships

Our investigative internship experience includes all aspects of criminal defense investigations and assisting attorneys in defense preparation.

  • Client and witness interviews, assist investigators and attorneys on major case review
  • Visit, photograph, videotape, digitalize crime scenes and evidence
  • Assisting the attorney in case preparation and strategy
  • Observe important court proceedings, hearings, and criminal trials.

For Undergraduate Internships contact:
Sara Uribe at

Current Opportunities

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Certified Legal Interns (CLIS)

Law students who are certified under Rule 11 will have exposure to a variety of legal environments and processes necessary in representing clients in the criminal legal system. Our certified legal interns are assigned cases and work side by side with their supervising attorney on probable cause review, client consultation, case law research, investigations, communication with the state attorney, and trial preparation.

This is a tremendous opportunity if you are interested in gaining valuable experience working alongside experienced attorneys with real-world impact on clients while enhancing both oral and written advocacy skills, gaining confidence in your own knowledge of criminal law and procedure, as well as building and refining your courtroom presence.

For Law Clerk and CLI Internships contact:

Jessica Yeary at

John Knowles at

Flor Diaz-Wayt at

Law Clerks

We also accept non-certified legal interns and those looking to fulfill their pro-bono requirements. Students will be assigned to an attorney and asked to assist with researching case law, drafting motions and writs, and helping their supervising attorney prepare for upcoming court dates and trials.