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12.8 - 12.11.10   Fugitive Safe Surrender: Fugitive Safe Surrender is a Congressionally-authorized program, through which individuals who have warrants have turn themselves in, meet with a public defender, clear their warrants, and go before a judge.

Fugitive Safe Surrender offers individuals with open warrants for their arrest a safe, secure, and neutral location to take their first step to a second chance. The program puts the control back into the hands of the fugitive, providing them the opportunity to become productive members of society and better the communities in which they live and hide. Fugitives can stop running and start living free. By taking responsibility for themselves, fugitives can expect to receive favorable consideration granted by the prosecutors and courts.

Fugitive Safe Surrender averaged over 100 staff members and volunteers working each day, with continued support from members of Bethel AME church. The FSS event brought together members from: US Marshals Office, Florida's Second Judicial Circuit, State Attorney's Office (Second Judicial Circuit), Public Defender's Office (Second Judicial Circuit), Court Administrators Office (Second Judicial Circuit), Leon County Clerk of the Court, Leon County MIS, Leon County Probation, Florida Department of Corrections Probation, Gadsden County Clerk of the Court, Gadsden County Probation, Wakulla County Clerk of the Court, Leon County Sheriff's Office, Wakulla County Sheriff's Office, Gadsden County Sheriff's Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Tallahassee Police Department, City of Tallahassee ISS (Information Systems Services); with representation from Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida Department of Children and Family Services, and several social service organizations.

Over 100 volunteers from across our community responded to assist during the four operational days, with notable participation from: Bethel AME Church, Wildwood Baptist Church, Keiser College, ITT Tech, Florida State University, and the Leon County Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy.

Information on individuals from Leon, Gadsden, and Wakulla Counties is as follows:

  • 163 Surrenders (102 men and 61 women surrendered)
  • 108 released with cases disposed or future court dates
  • 40 had no warrants
  • 15 were transported to jail
  • 193 warrants cleared (disposed, reset for future court dates, or cleared by arrest)
  • 168 misdemeanors
  • 25 felonies
  • 160 warrants from Leon County
  • 17 warrants from Gadsden County
  • 3 warrants from Wakulla County
  • 13 warrants from other jurisdictions (Virginia, Bay County, Calhoun County, Madison County, Jackson County, and several others)