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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I talk to about my case?

Absolutely no one! Do not discuss what happened with the judge when it is your turn on the video. Do not discuss your case with anyone at the jail. Do not discuss your case with police, with your cell mates, with your friends. Do not discuss your case on the jail phones, as those phones are monitored. Wait and discuss your case in private with someone from the Public Defender's Office.

I can't afford my bonds. What do I do?

An investigator from the Public Defender's Office will call you up on the video phone within 72 business hours. They will ask you about your case and about whether you have any money for bond. The attorney will then review that information and discuss your options with you.

How much will it cost me to get out?

Usually, a bondsman will charge you approximately 10% of the total bond amount. Most bondsman charge a minimum of $100. If your bond is $5000, the bondsman will most likely charge you $500. Most bondsman take credit cards and well as cash.

The judge said no bond. Now what?

You will be seen by investigator from our office within 72 hours. They will ask you questions about your case and take down what you say. The attorney assigned to your case will review that information and will be in touch with you.

When will I see or hear from the attorney on my case?

Each attorney's schedule is different, but the general procedure is you will hear from the assigned attorney approximately a week after the Public Defender is appointed.

When will I go to court?

The Clerk of Court will provide you with notice as to your court date. They will mail your notice the address you gave the jail when you were booked. You must call them at 850.577.4000 and update your address if you move. If you fail to appear in court, you will be arrested and most likely held without bond!

Application Fee

You are currently represented by the Public Defender. The Legislature has imposed a $50 Public Defender application fee which is required within 7 days of your application. If you have not been able to pay this fee, you will still be represented by the Public Defender until the conclusion of your case. The fee will be assessed unless you are found not guilty or your case is dismissed. Please speak to your attorney about this if you have any questions.

Payment in Person

You may pay by cash, credit card, check or money order. If paying by check, the check must have your correct home/work telephone number, address, and driver license number. Please include the case number on the check or money order for proper processing.
Paying in person, bring to: Leon County Courthouse 301 South Monroe Street, Suite 100 Tallahassee, FL 32301
Paying by mail, send to: Leon County Clerk's Office Central Cashiering Post Office Box 267 Tallahassee, FL 32302